Why Exhibit ?
Expand-In an industry which is s ll considered niche, one has to improvise, customise and expand to survive and be successful. Trend is to enter the trade with one product and then amplify the range of their services according to the market needs.
  • It is a cost-effective way of drawing your target market for you in one place at one me.
  • Exhibit to showcase new products and to protect your market share.
  • It combines all the elements of the promotional mix – advertising, public relations, sales promotion and selling.
  • It provides access to the media, who also use an exhibition to gather information on new directions within an industry.
  • An exhibition provides contact with your existing clients in a relaxed atmosphere and is a far more cost-effective way of reaching a new audience than cold-calls.
Exhibitors Product Profile

  • Beauty Products/Brands
  • Beauty Products for Men
  • Beauty Products for Women
  • Whitening Products
  • Facial Care
  • Skin Care
  • Nail & Accessories
  • Anti-Aging Products & Treatments
  • Beauty Enhancement Products
  • Products & Services for Hair, Skin, Body & Eye Care including Beauty Aids & Cosmetics
  • Soap & Detergents in all forms

  • Lifestyle Products
  • Wedding Accessories
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Ear Piercing
  • Wigs & Hair Pieces
  • Combs & Brushes

  • Wellness Centres, Pool, Spas, Sauna Baths
  • Essential Oil & Perfumes
  • Incense Sticks
  • Flavours & Fragrances

  • Aromatherapy
  • Aerosols/Dispensers
  • Detox & Slimming
  • Medical Beauty Treatments
  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Dental Care
  • Health Resorts
  • Organic Food
  • Shapers & fitness Accessories
  • Dermatologist
  • Cosmetologist

  • Fitness Products
  • Services relating to Health, Meditation & Body Care
  • Spiritual Centre, Trainers & Facilitators
  • Body & Mind Exercisers including Body
  • Naturopathy and Yogic Centres

  • Wrapping/Packing/Ribbons Material
  • Equipment & Accessories, Decorative items for Spas, Beauty Parlours & Wellness Centres
  • Gifts items on Body, Mind & Soul including Books & CDs
Most Dynamic Markets to Exploit

Annual growth in the Indian beauty and cosmetics markets is estimated to remain in the range of 15-20% in the coming years, twice as fast as that of the US and European markets. These numbers are prompting more international players to increase their presence in India.

An Easy & Time Saving Formula

The show will represent all sectors of the entire beauty industry in small scale, with a selected number of exhibitors to facilitate the business opportunities. Companies can enjoy turnkey exhibiting solutions to optimize their time and investments.

Buyers Programme

This successful IIBF buyers programme will bring to the show qualified buyers to meet with the exhibitors through prescheduled one-on-one arrangements. Three days completely devoted to business!

Strategic Location

The event will take place right in the core of the city, Bombay Convention & Exhibitions Centre, easily reached by the decision makers from Mumbai where many beauty brands have their headquarters and plants.

Network & Expertise

IIBF2019 India will benefit from the expertise and the business contacts of the whole network with successful trade shows ,Our Network cumulatively involves over 370,000 professionals and 7,000 companies from across the world

The Cosmetics Industry Global Scenario
The global cosme c industry has been cap vated by India in a fascina ng manner–the world's second most populous country has seen an enormous growth of the cosme cs industry. Currently, the market size of the cosme cs industry in India is es mated to be worth USD 950 million. The Indian cosme c industry has witnessed robust growth in the past decade and has been ranked 5th largest in Asia. This industry is forecast to reach USD 2.68 billion mark by 2020. India will cons tute 5% of the total global cosme cs market and become one of the top 5 global markets by revenue. The cosme c market caters to all sec ons of the masses. People have embraced the importance of quality of products. Specialized products and targeted grooming material are today forming a part of overall habit of living. This change in outlook towards skin-friendly quality products and self image can be witnessed most in rural India where men and women have become conscious about their looks and dressing.
Date & Time

February 28 – 01 March, 2020

Opening Hours
10am – 6pm


Bombay Exhibition

Goregoan, Mumbai

International Exhibitors
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